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Mahlon's passion for music grew from childhood having parents that are musically inclined. His Dad was a drummer in a local jazz band, and his mother play piano for a number of years. From jazz to classical music to R&B and more, Mahlon enjoyed listening to many genres of music. While in school, this motivated him to learn how to play the violin, upright bass, and drums. This early interest led to becoming a DJ and experimenting with his Dad's record collection.

At end of the 80's into the 90's, Mahlon then bought his own turntables and would play music at backyard parties and family picnics. Eventually he received the opportunity to perform at the weddings of a few close friends, and his DJ career took off from there.

Since joining SSS in 2013, Mahlon has continued to prove himself being steady, reliable, and great at beat matching music. He has a smooth charismatic approach that makes the event just flow. Mahlon carefully reviews the forms that a couple fills out, but his real understanding comes when he sits down with them. He is able to make the couple feel comfortable while provoking their thoughts and observing the way they joke about what songs to play. This creates a personal relationship and he is able to customize his plan for the wedding.

Mahlon thinks of himself as an ambassador. It is his job to bring people and music together. When that happens, they dance and their party becomes a journey that creates moments they will remember for some time.

My Blog

Lake Hickory Country Club Dec 24, 2016
Posted on: December-26, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a nice evening for a dinner party at the Lake Hickory Country Club, in Hickory NC. Friends families and neighbors gathered together for a dinner and dance and have some fun. Mahlon and Rashaad were privileged to be in company with these folks. After the guests had their dinner, Rashaad and I went right into a few games for the kids. Musical chairs was a big hit, with all attending. Thanks to Kate Kennedy and Mike Bogle did a fantastic job setting up and coordinating this end of year event for their guests.It was a great evening, with lots of happy guests. Hope to see them next year....  read more »

Lisa & Eric Soss Wedding Nov 12, 2016
Posted on: November-14, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Today's wedding took place at The Farm at Brusharbor.It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, with a light breeze.Eric and Lisa came together to express their love and commitment to each other, by means of an out door ceremony with a few friends and family to celebrate with them. After dinner the MC/DJ Johnny and Mahlon played a bevy of hits to keep some folks on the dance floor. Congratulations to Eric & Lisa, we wish you the best on your new life's journey together....  read more »

Charlotte Marathon 2016 Nov 12 2016
Posted on: November-14, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
This weekend was the annual Charlotte Marathon.#2 station 4th & College.Many local Charlotte folks came out to either participate or cheer on those running in the marathon.All for a worthy cause.Split Second Sound DJs provided just the right jams to keep the runners motivated and pumped to make it to the finish line....  read more »

Lynette & Brian Buchanan Wedding Nov. 05 2016
Posted on: November-08, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Beautiful and sunny day on Saturday at the Grove Park Inn. Brian and Lynette chose this venue in Asheville NC for an Autumn wedding and reception.With an outdoor wedding ceremony, Brian and Lynette had a breathe taking mountain view as the backdrop, as they expressed their love, loyalty and commitment to each other as husband and wife.Later on after cocktail hour and dinner, they had their First Dance.Then Split Second Sound MC/DJ Jonathon dropped that beat, and all the guests were on the dance floor until the last song.We congratulate Brian & Lynette, and thank them for a night to remember with Lisa Pleasant Events and Split Second Sound providing the entertainment....  read more »

BJ & Marti Hinson Wedding October 22 2016
Posted on: October-25, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a day to remember, because there was much anticipation for the marriage of BJ and Marti. The weather was clear and sunny with that Carolina Blue sky. This wedding took place at Green Gables Farm including cocktail hour and reception for their guests to enjoy. BJ & Marti had an outdoor ceremony, then into the beautifully designed exposed timber framed barn for the reception and party.The love birds paused for a moment after the First Dance, with more to come as the evening advanced.Towards the end of the night, one of the last songs we played was a "surprise" favorite song of Charlie, the Father of the Bride. He and his buddies were in a very jolly spirit as they were singing this song.Guests came as far away as Southern Illinois, to celebrate with BJ and Marti.On behalf of Split Second Sound, Anthony and Mahlon wish you all the best on your new life's journey together....  read more »

Evan and Mariann Vonatski October 15, 2016
Posted on: October-17, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
So after a nice wedding ceremony at another location, Evan and Mariann treated their guests to a nice outdoor courtyard cocktail hour.Once they arrived, we went through the bridal party introductions with a loud and lively group of their friends and family to welcome them as husband and wife. Starting off the evening with their First Dance and other Special Dances. A nice Welcome by Allan, Father Of the Bride, and dinner commenced.After dinner it was time for Anthony "DJ Tony Da Boss" and Mahlon "DJ Dray" to kick things in high gear with dancing. We got the guests on the dance floor and kept it going until the last song. Last song was a famous sing along "Piano Man". We thought the party was over, then Evan & Mariann and their guest started chanting "One More Song". Of course we obliged, and hit 'em with Journey "Don't Stop...Believing"...  read more »

Brian & Megan Gomiz Oct. 8, 2016
Posted on: October-11, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Brian and Megan are having the most exciting day of their lives. Their First Dance was to the song "1000 Years". Brian and his best buddies, serenaded Megan with a couple of songs after dinner.After an epic "Lip Sync Battle" Brian & Groomsmen vs Megan & Bridesmaids, we lead the guest right into the dance party for the rest of the end the night on a festive note, the last song was "500 Miles"!!Congratulations and best wishes to Brian & Megan!!...  read more »

Matthew & Catherine Kirkendall Wedding 09.10.2016
Posted on: September-13, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, on this day Catherine and Matthew tied the knot.With Catherine's father Tom performing the wedding ceremony, there were a few tears of joy as they as he gave his daughter's hand in marriage.The announcing of the bridal party was met with cheers and congratulations.After dinner, Matthew and Catherine were anxious to have their "First Dance", as well as Father/Daughter and Groom/Mother dances that followed. Toasts were given by Anna and Rebecca, sister's of the bride, along with the Best Men...Brian & Alex Peach, identical twins. It was hilarious.Many requested songs played through out the evening to the delight of Catherine and Matthew, as well as their guests who stayed on the dance floor until the last song "Get Lucky" selected by the bride and groom.We all wish Matthew and Catherine the best, as they start their new life as husband and wife....  read more »

Brett and Paige Malloy Wedding - June 11, 2016
Posted on: June-14, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony with vineyards in the background, to give you that feeling of being in old country Italy. Family and friends were delighted to be in attendance when Brett and Paige got married this afternoon. After the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner ensued, with lots of laughter and merriment all around. Guests were moved to dance with their loved one during dinner, when a song played was sentimental to them. It made for a fun and relaxed evening with Brett and Paige. Brett and Paige did the "First Dance" with the song "Hold My Hand" by Hootie & The Blowfish.After dinner and some toasting, it was time to dance, dance, dance, I had a good selection of songs to play from the Bride & Groom to work with to keep folks on the dance floor until the last song of  the night.That's right, it's "Closing Time" by Semisonic.Then to top that off, the groom requested one more song by Marvin Gaye, to the delight of friends and family who joined in a circle surrounding Brett & Paige....  read more »

Will & Cathy Buehler Wedding - May 14, 2016
Posted on: May-17, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
A warm and sunny afternoon, with scattered trees making shaded areas, 'twas the background scene for the wedding and reception at Vesuvius Vineyard happening today. Cathy and Will picked a great place to have friend and family come and celebrate their special day. We had a great time during the reception, mixing music of several genres to keep the dance floor going....  read more »

Keep Pounding 5k Run - May 14, 2016
Posted on: May-17, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Saturday morning was a bright and sunny day, perfect for a 5k marathon to benefit cancer patients and research. The warm up area and start line was at eh Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. About a 1000 registered participants in this event. It was a fun morning, great pep rally and well supported event.Here they are at the Start Line, waiting for the Horn Blow....  read more »

Scarlett and Hayes Pierce - April 9, 2016
Posted on: April-12, 2016 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a sunny and blue sky type of wedding day for Scarlett and Hayes Pierce. Outdoor ceremony with lots of friends and family to help celebrate their day of matrimony. Dixie Dream is a nice ranch with wide open space beautiful scenery for today's event. Rashaad and I were happy to be apart of this lovely couples wedding day. All went well from Ceremony to Sparkler exit at the end of the night. We wish Scarlett and Hayes a long and happy life together....  read more »

08.22.2015 Private Party at Fahrenheit Uptown Charlotte
Posted on: August-25, 2015 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Split Second Sound was called upon to provide musical entertainment for a private party in honor of professional basketball player Ricky Hickman by his wife. It would be an event in two areas, rooftop terrace and a private dining room that would really give you an awesome view of Charlotte above the streets and amidst the high rise building with an beautiful of the sun as it set over the city this evening. Split DJ Mahlon was given the task to keep the evening's event upbeat and sociable. I was working along with Kelly Martin, event coordinator of Head Over Heels NC, and her assistant Danielle. they did a marvelous transformation of the private room into something elegant and relaxing with decorations supplied by Extravaganza.    ...  read more »

08.15.2015 Peninsula Yacht Club "Cardboard Boat Race"
Posted on: August-18, 2015 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a warm and sunny Saturday at the Peninsula Yacht Club in Cornelius NC.The annual Cardboard Boat Race was scheduled to begin later that afternoon.Beside carnival activities for the children and families, Split Second Sound was there providing fun time music for one and all with Split DJ Mahlon.The boat race would be later in the afternoon.So to kick things off, there were other activities for all to participate in, including what looked like a 50 foot water slide, and other fun things.I provided the music entertainment for the guests. From the oldies and Motown hits, to Beach Music and Top 40 dance music.   Throughout the early afternoon, people arrived with their home made cardboard boats to register and enter the race. They were very creative boats with unique names. Such as "ALL A CARDBOARD", "NAUTIQUE" and others.   4pm was the start time for the race, all boat are self propelled with their hand made paddles as well.  Jenna was the commentator for each heat of the race and announcing the winners. All the guests had a good time, cheering on those in the different races. Afterwards there was a buffet provided for everyone and more music to keep the festivities going until the evening. I had fun time with Jenna, Jeff Barry and the other camp counselor on hand for the event. Look forward to Split Second Sound being involved in next year's 16th Annual Cardboard Boat Race and Carnival....  read more »

LaCa Projects Gallery 06.20.2015 - "Farewell Party"
Posted on: June-23, 2015 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
Saturday evening, and Split Second Soundbwas all setup and ready to have an enjoyable evening. Wide variety of music played early in the evening while the guest had cocktails and fingered foods. Kathy and Chris Cope were the hosts for the evening, and wanted to have a fun Farewell Party for their good friends Laura and her was a small group of guests, but plenty of energy as the next guy progressed and the dancing ensued. Some guest enjoyed conversation with friends, while the Kathy, Chris and Laura made the dance floor come alive with their friends. Variety of requests from 80s 90s and more. The party went overtime, having a good time. Laura gave an appreciative thank you to her friends, and then per Kathy's request we ended the party night with a classic hit by Donna Summer "Last Dance".We wish Laura and her family safe and happy journey, hope to see them again!...  read more »

Firethorne Country Club Pre-Golf Tournament Dinner May.29.2015
Posted on: June-04, 2015 | Post By: Mahlon - MC DJ Drayton
It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon and early evening when guests arrived at the Firethorne Country Club for the pre-golf tournament dinner and dance on Friday evening.People were enjoying themselves with good food and drinks to compliment the evening. Split Second Sound DJ Mahlon played a variety of music to keep the casual atmosphere nice and smooth. As the nightfall came, it was time to turn things up on the dance floor with some popular top 40, R&B, shag music and dance hits to keep the party going.I got a few music requests, and ended the night on a high note. A couple of guests who are residents of the neighborhood and club members came up and asked if I had a song by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli entitled "The Prayer". I knew of the song, didn't have it. So I went online (took less than 2 min) and got the song to play for the lovely couple. It was their favorite song which brought fond memories. I posted a short video of them on Instagram....  read more »

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Neil - DJ McCleery
6 Apr 2013
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Jamie Faris

Joey - MC DJ Elite Verde
9 Mar 2013
Erin and I would like to thank you for a job exceptionally well done at our Founders Hall wedding on Saturday night....

Jason & Erin Bennett

Jonah - MC DJ Elite Pearl
3 Mar 2013
Jonah is the best!!!  I won't lie we had super high expectations since my husband and I both work at ballantyne country...

Dana Poley

Derek - MC DJ Andreas
26 Jan 2013
You guys made the party! People have been emailing and texting me all day how much fun they had. Thank...

Debra Slosman

26 May 2012
I meant to send this note to you earlier to express our praise for Mark our DJ. We realized that the DJ...

Jeffrey Del Rosso

Rashaad - MC Wynn
27 Apr 2012
We were referred to Spit Second Sound from the mother of a bride that had Vinny as a DJ at her...

Brandy Harter

12 May 2012
I had a fantastic experience with y'all! Everything from the meeting before the wedding all the way to the day of the...

Ali Currier

Jonah - MC DJ Elite Pearl
28 Apr 2012
Split Second Sound was the best investment we could have made for our reception. Jonah is an amazing DJ and...

Amber McCarter

Derek - MC DJ Andreas
25 Feb 2012
I cannot say enough good things about Derek and Split Second Sound. He contacted me a few times before the event to...

Samantha Jennings

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
17 Mar 2012
All the employees at Split Second Sound were wonderful but the person who really went above and beyond was Jonny,...

Sara Barkman

28 Jan 2012
I don't even know where to start... they were just amazing. Completely professional. They knew exactly what they were doing-...

Amanda O'Connor

Vinny - MC DJ Elite Esposito
6 Sep 2009
I would like to rate all questions as Exceeded Expectations! I have absolutely no complaints, everything was wonderful! My friends...

Jamie Bubenzer

29 Oct 2011
DJ Michael Finch did the music for our wedding in Lake Lure. The venue was small and the crowd was small...

Lisa Hopkins

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
23 Sep 2011
Dennis was everything we wanted in a DJ.  He went above and beyond asking myself and Mike if he could get us...

Brandy Hickman

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
30 Jul 2011
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dennis! He was so much fun and really ...

Hanna Jones

Dennis - MC DJ Mercurio
20 Jun 2009
I was afraid at first hiring a DJ because at all of the weddings I have been to the DJ...

Melanie S

Rashaad - MC Wynn
7 Aug 2010
We had a bit of a crisis on our hands with the previous DJ that we booked through another company.  He called...


Rashaad - MC Wynn
22 Oct 2011
Rashaad and Mike did everything perfectly! Just as Rashaad's online reviews boast, he's an amazing MC and REALLY gets the party going!...

Laura Ferguson

Rashaad - MC Wynn
3 Sep 2011
I must say that Rashaad and Eddie were absolutely wonderful!! I truly could not have asked for a better MC than Rashaad!...

Amanda Collins

Derek - MC DJ Andreas
23 Jul 2011
I just wanted to share how pleased we were with our DJs Derek and Jordan M. The reception was great and...

Siobhan Grant

Derek - MC DJ Andreas
28 May 2011
 I'm more than happy to tell you that the wedding was wonderful.  All of the guests were very engaged at...

Joanne Rychlik

Derek - MC DJ Andreas
16 May 2009
You guys EXCEEDED my expectations! Derek was on top of things, especially when it came to things my other vendors...

Steph McElveen

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
30 Apr 2011
My husband, Craig, and I were married on April 30, 2011. We held the reception at Bonterra in Dilworth and...

Kelley Flowe

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
18 Jun 2011
Steve and Alina were AWESOME!! Steve met with me before the wedding to secure all details. He was very specific and clear about...

Heather Addison

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
14 Aug 2010
  Split Second Sound was amazing to work with from the very beginning.  The moment we met with Steve and...

Natalie Dills

Steve - MC DJ Bradle
1 Jan 2010
Our wedding was fantastic… We had a dream ceremony and then came the reception. All my guests were so excited...

Cathy Farnham

5 Mar 2011
Eric and Neil and the team- You did an outstanding job. You really made the event! Everyone had a...

Celeste Barone

12 Mar 2011
Our event was FABULOUS!!!!  Eric, Neil and Rashaad were amazing as were the party motivators.  We have not stopped ...

Wanda Greenfield

27 Feb 2010
I can't thank you enough for the job you did at Dan and Jake's Bar Mitzvah party.  You heard what...

Sheri Jessell

2 Oct 2010
  I just wanted to let you know that Eric was AWESOME at our wedding celebration on Oct. 2!  He...

Cory Lippard

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
15 Oct 2011
We were totally impressed with JD's professionalism, and loved his fun, laid-back, smooth style of DJing our wedding. It was...

Jule Barnitt

Jonathan - MC DJ Kessler
21 May 2011
Eddie & Jon were INCREDIBLE. Being wedding photographers ourselves, Walter & I both know how important a good DJ is to a wedding....

Heather Garland

James 'JD' - MC DJ Dickens
24 Sep 2011
Where do I start? Jonathan and James (JD) were assigned to my wedding and they were, in one word, INCREDIBLE! As soon...

Justin Pompey

17 Sep 2011
We had a great experience using SSS. I felt like Eric really listened to our requests and the ceremony and the...

Emily Blair

Jonny - MC DJ Elite Piscitelli
9 Apr 2011

Leigha Christenbury

Neil - DJ McCleery
22 Oct 2011
I can’t tell you how wonderful Neil was! He was simply outstanding at making sure that everything was well organized and...

Frances Hartley (Mother of the Bride)

21 May 2011
Our DJ, Mark was wonderful and really brought a lot of energy to our reception! Split Second Sound really does...

MaryKatherine Byrd

Jonah - MC DJ Elite Pearl
30 Apr 2011
Words can not describe how amazing Jonah was at our wedding reception. I am still getting compliments about how much...

Jessica Rankin

Jonah - MC DJ Elite Pearl
26 Mar 2011
 Jonah was the perfect fit for the wedding and reception.  His energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail was excellent.  During...

Parker Sturges

Jonah - MC DJ Elite Pearl
9 Oct 2010
 Thank you Jonah Pearl and Split Second Sound for an awesome job at the Hinely / Reid Wedding Saturday night,...

Janice Hinely

Rashaad - MC Wynn
10 Jul 2010
We just wanted to write a quick email thanking Rashad, and your company, for making our wedding day an absolute...

Anna and Oliver Travieso

Rashaad - MC Wynn
1 Mar 2008
Just wanted to let you know that we thought Rashaad did a great job! He was there on time, had...

Misty Jones

Neil - DJ McCleery
1 Aug 2009
Neil and Rashaad did an excellent job for both our ceremony and reception. We left the music selection for the...

Leo Keoing

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